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December 11, 2009

KCR Wireless Technology


Wireless KCR
In the US, KCR meets Barack Obama. Obama says, “Come with me. I want to show you our technological advancement.”
Obama takes him a spot deep in the forest and says, “Dig here.”
KCR digs.
Obama says, “More, more, more...”
KCR digs 50 feet down.
Obama says, “So now, have you find anything?”
KCR says, “I found a wire!”
Obama says, “You see, we used to have telephones 200 years ago.”
KCR then invites Obama to Telangana. KCR takes him to a forest in Nizamabad and says, “Now I want to show you our advancement. Dig here.”
Obama digs 400 feet deep.
“Find anything?”
“There’s nothing here!”
“See, we had wireless 400 years ago.”
* * * * * 

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