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December 23, 2009

Romanian National Day - (Romania) Dec 01, 2009

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This year Romanians celebrate the 91st anniversary of the Great Unification of December 1, 1918, which they choose as their National Day after 1989.

This year, as well, Romania's National Day will be marked in Bucharest through a military parade in the Triumph Arch Square, as well as through a military ceremony of laying flower wreaths at the Unknown Soldier Monument in Carol Park. Numerous events will mark all over the country Romania's National Day.

On December 1, 1918 in a Great Assembly gathering some 100,000 Romanians from Transylvania, Banat, Crisana and Maramures (today's regions in central, western and northern Romania respectively), called in the central town of Alba Iulia the 1,228 delegates of the Romanians from those territories that, until then, had been part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, unanimously adopted a Resolution decreeing 'The unification of the Romanians and of all the territories they live in with Romania'.

The achievement of the full national unity of the Romanians was possible amid the defeat suffered by Austro-Hungary in World War One and the collapse of that multinational empire. And the decision made by the Alba Iulia gathering on December 1, 1918 crowned the entire Romanian people's efforts and struggle for their unity. Romania's entrance the war after a neutrality period (1914-1916) and joining the Entente side was also a decision aimed at accomplishing the full national unity, Agerpres informs.

In October 1918, the Romanians living in the Austro-Hungarian Empire set up the Central National Romanian Council (CNRC), that took upon itself the ruling of the territories where Romanians lived and announced the international public its wish to unite those territories with the Romanian kingdom.

The CNRC also took the initiative of calling a great national assembly on December 1 in Alba Iulia and the outstanding scholar Vasile Goldis, who had been at the centre of the struggle for the Romanians' national emancipation, was entrusted the honorary mission of reading the historic Unification Resolution at Alba Iulia. 'The Romanian nation's right to be freedis recognized by the whole world. (...) The freedom of this nation means its Unification with Romania', Goldis said in his address, after reading the resolution.

A delegation of the Transylvanian Romanians then left for Bucharest, where they were welcomed by members of the Romanian government. The unification act was handed in to King Ferdinand I during a great reception in the Throne Hall.

Following the Paris Peace Conference the peace treaties were signed, with such treaties sanctioning the unification acts of the Romanian provinces with Romania.

King Ferdinand I and his wife Queen Maria were crowned sovereigns of Greater Romania in a ceremony in Alba Iulia, as well, on October 15, 1922.

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