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December 07, 2009

http://ezlaptop.com/ , ezlaptop, news on ezlaptop, About ezlaptop....


100% this SCAM
Ya i am sure that ezlaptop.com is 100% scam
Go Through screens u will get understand. 

Friends u know about EZlaptop site, just for advertising they are using www.EZlaptop.com
Like this way they are using the people, better before joining in a site we need search about that site, now the site is working, 

** Really i am saying one thing "Till now we can't decide that is this scam or not".

* Wait for 9 days to know about it.

I trusted wiki and i joined in this..... but now the site is not working..........

See the reviews and get conclusion

*    Wiki link for EZlaptop  Link 
**  About EZlaptop in Scam.com Link
**  PTC- Investigation site comments Link

after reading this if u want you can trust....

this is my referral link http://ezlaptop.com/?r=350843

***** write comment r u going to trust it or not ********

Here is news om ezlaptop scam

   * I have 40 referrals in Ezlaptop

    ** I have 168 credits till today march 11th 2010

  *** Check my withdraw credits need 27 credits to get laptop

yes see this screen after i got 195 points




      if you people join as early as then we will know this is scam or not!

Thank you
wait and see
only 10 days
keep check dailyck daily


  1. today i joined so u need more 26 credits

  2. any care to join under me....i oso need sum help to see the realsite of ezlaptop.com
    here is mine referral site..:


  3. ******hi sridhra, hi this is raja just now i joined in this ezlaptop, just becoz of testing..

    Hi friends if sridhra Got laptop then we will work on ezlaptop join more people in this as soon as possible.

    sridhara you are doing good job keep it up.

  4. hi friends,

    thank you for Joining in soon we will know that Ezlaptop is scam or not?

  5. i hve claimed for laptop
    thz is 2nd time i claimed but no response from them
    thez is 100% SCAM & FAKE site

  6. yes ezlaptop site is scam site


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