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July 04, 2013

Work of a designer

Designers can create normalcy out of chaos; 
they can clearly communicate ideas 
through the organising and manipulating of words and pictures           - Jeffrey Veen

July 03, 2013

Does not need to explanation

It’s art if can’t be explained.
It’s fashion if no one asks for an explanation.
It’s design if it doesn’t need explanation

                            - Wouter Stokkel

June 28, 2013

Live For a Goal Not For Desire

మనిషి ఆశయం తో బ్రతకాలి కానీ ఆశ తో కాదు .
మనిషికి ఆశయం  లెకపొఇన పరవాలేదు కానీ ఆశలు మాత్రం ఉండకూడదు. 

                           -- నవీన్ శ్రీధర 

June 23, 2013

Design Ideas

    Good design is all about 

    Making other designers feel like idiots 
    Because that idea wasn’t theirs

         - Frank Chimero

Well Design

Everything is designed. 
Few things are designed well

                                  --Brian Reed

What is Design by Charles Eames?

Design is a plan 
for arranging elements in such a way 
as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

                         --Charles Eames
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