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December 11, 2009

KCR- Child Prodigy

KCR- Child Prodigy
When KCR was a teenager, his father consulted a fortuneteller to know what his son would grow up to be. The fortuneteller told him give his son a test.
“Put a gun, a wad of notes and a bottle of liquor on a table. Watch what happens. If he picks up the gun, he is likely to be a policeman. If he picks up the money, he will be a thief, and if he picks up the bottle, he will be drunk most of the time.”
KCR’s father did as told and waited for his boy to return from school. When the lad came home, he pocketed both the gun and the money and took a swig of the liquor.
The puzzled father went back to the fortuneteller to ask the meaning of this.
“Your son, is slated to be a politician.”

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