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March 10, 2011

A True Love Story of Venky With 20 Parts Part -1

Hi Friends from today I am going bring a good running Love Story Of Vekny,
He is my friend and he is from Vijawada. 

    Last 6 days back i mean last weekend Saturday he came to my room and he explained me. His Funny, Tragedy, quote different and interesting Love story. 

    Finally after discussion we are unable take a decision on his Love story, right now he is having 1 Month time to take a better decision. Now he need marry her or left her.

    Moreover he is trying take better decision on his life so, He need some better opinions from our friend.

   He knows that the self decision is better but at this peak situation, he can't think much..   hmmm I think you may understand  the problem.

   Today am going to start writing the story, but am little poor in English, I think you may understood that by reading the above mater. So am trying to write in Telugu.

   First I need little encouragement from you people to write in better words and am not a good writer you know that home they really know me.
   So while starting the story it would be little confusion, and may not be understandable. I need some comments on it, to represent in a good manner.

  Thanks a lot I will post the next one by tomorrow morning at 11:00AM.

                                                        Next Part >>
     Part -2


  1. still in confusion weather it is story are else it is a real story...??

  2. syed suraj - chand adi tana love stories anni ........ado vaala frnd peeru petti cheptunaadu le ......

  3. i promise that it's a real story if you read 3 days story then you will get clarity..

  4. No syed by the next week end i mean Saturday he is again coming to my room, if you wan the join with us. He is having 1 month time to take a decision .....

  5. ¢нαη∂υ 's - it's gr8 sridhar....... take a good dessication on it

  6. hi author if its real story i will start reading your blog plz don't cheat with imagine stories. first i would read for 3 day

  7. nice i will wait for tomorrow..

  8. thanks see the next post tomorrow at 11:00AM

  9. modda cheeku ra lanja kodaka.... repatidaka nadi cheekutane undu...


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